METRO's Frequently Asked Questions

What are METRO’s “Path to Independence” recommendations?

They are guidelines created to assist each individual in improving his financial picture while holding each person accountable. Recommendations on every client’s “Path to Independence” include the video series “How to Have Your Best Year Ever” as well as Financial Peace or Balanced classes that we host at METRO. We also present suggestions tailored to each client that may include termination of unnecessary expenses such as cable/TV/internet, elimination of payments on rental furniture, more affordable housing, cars, etc. 

Do you help clients with more than just financial assistance?

Yes, we help clients with a variety of needs. We have formed partnerships with various businesses and organizations that we can call on when clients have a specific need. We help people locate jobs, refer to shelters, mobilize partners/tradesmen to help with repair issues that cause inflated bills, supply educational material for their individual needs, offer support and counseling, help supply furniture for those who need it, help them enroll in school, etc. We basically help with anything that might be holding them back from achieving financial success. 

Why was METRO founded?

Founder Donnie Copeland, a pastor of 30+ years, decided something needed to be done to stop the never ending cycle of dependence on churches, agencies, and other organizations to pay basic bills or other needs. He often watched the same people filter through month after month, asking for monetary help. After realizing that he was only enabling the behavior by giving them money each month, he began METRO. The organizations holds people accountable and helps those who are honestly trying to help themselves. Many churches and other organizations have teamed with METRO to help put an end to the cycle. Learn more about our story here.